Our custom built team stores are a huge part of what we offer to accommodate our customers. It's important to note that there are certain guidelines or restrictions on how things are priced, what you should and should not offer in your team store, and how things are shipped when the store closes. We hope this offers some clarity as you prepare to open a team web store of your own with us!

  • Team stores are best when the total number of items offered is limited. We have found that offering up to 8 total items offers your team the best chance of reaching minimums and avoiding any inventory availability issues. Within those 8 products can be multiple color and/or style choices. We strongly advise seeking our team sales reps opinion on what items to add and what items to avoid in your team store.
  • It is highly recommended that you utilize no more than two logo designs. Ideally, one screen printed and one embroidered. Using less logo designs helps insure you can meet your minimum order requirements easier by allowing multiple items to carry the same print. We can change colors on designs to accommodate your using different color garments. Offering multiple logo designs may increase product pricing.
  • Team stores should generally stay open to your team for no more than 2 weeks. This has proven to be enough time for you to publicize the store with your program. If minimum orders are not met, extending the closing has helped but it does confuse and inconvenience those who have ordered within the published time frame.
  • When completed, our staff bags each order individually and prepares to ship. Team stores can ship one of two ways. Most popular is having the orders shipped together to one address for distribution. In this instance, shipping is included in the cost of the items. We can also ship direct to customer. In this case, there would be an additional shipping charge added to orders, which would be calculated by their order total.
  • Pricing.....team stores carry a slightly higher cost than "traditional" ordering as we have to build the store, pay processing fees, administer the store, packing supplies, etc... We generally add $2-3/item to our standard team pricing if you follow the guidelines above. If more than 8 total products are included in your team store, pricing will increase by a minimum of $5 per item (depending on the item).
  • It is important to note that no exchanges or refunds are offered on custom team store apparel. The only instance where we would refund any money would be for manufacturing defect. Incorrect size ordered is not reason for return or refund.
  • Many customers utilize our team store as a fundraiser! We will quote you the price we will charge per item. If you'd like to add a couple dollars as fundraising, we simply refund the difference when the store closes to your team/club.

As always, if you have any questions please call us toll free 888-USA-YOLO or email us at info@yolosportswear.com. We look forward to working with your team or club and building you your own custom team store!